Facts to know about ketogenic and paleo diets

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Both the ketogenic and paleo diets are highly regarded when it comes to matters health. These two recipes come in handy when you need to shed some excess weight. As much as these two diet plans have lots of similarities, they also have some differences. This does not mean that one of these two is superior to the other only that each diet offers unique benefits to the user.

Ketogenic dietfoods

Initially, the ketogenic diet plan was developed to help persons struggling with epilepsy. Ideally, it helps in controlling or diminishing the effects linked to this ailment. However, the ketogenic diet is now popularly known for reducing body fats and reducing overreliance on carbs as a source of fuel.

The ketogenic diet is a popular nutritional program for fat loss. This is attributed to the fact that it focuses on cutting down the amounts of carbohydrates on your plate. Consequently, this shocks or cuts down the reliance on carbohydrates as a source of energy. As a result, the body responds by exploiting alternative energy reserves in the form of fats, which initiates weight loss.

Notably, carbohydrates are known to increase the amount of water weight in the body. Reducing the amounts of carbs in your diet will undoubtedly reduce your water weight, thus leading to substantial weight loss. However, the ingredients used in this diet can be altered to suit one’s activity levels.

Paleo diet

Unlike the ketogenic diet, the paleo diet is known to give you some nutritional benefits in a somewhat laid-back manner. As such, it offers massive health gains without restricting you to specific dietary ratios.

paleo diet 54Ideally, the paleo diet focuses on removing some harmful elements from your diet and replacing them with positive ones. Here, you will be having an abundance of proteins and a combination of vegetables and fruits. This diet seeks to remove things like refined carbohydrates, salt and pretty much any manmade element in your diet.

Ketogenic or paleo?

What makes this diet plans similar or different from each other? These diet plans require you to remove some foods and to replace them with healthier alternatives. The good thing about them is that both help you shed weight in their way. The good news is that you can always adopt principles shared in each plan at the same time for maximum benefits. That said, you should read this article to gain a more objective understanding of these dietary plans.…

The Benefits Of Yogurt: What You Should Know.

You’ve probably seen tubs of yogurt in the dairy section of your local grocery store. Maybe you even like to snack on yogurt every now and then. But do you know that this dairy product has many benefits? It has many uses as well. Have you tasted healthy banana bread with yogurt? Sounds tasty right? But before we discuss the many benefits of yogurt.

It’s important for you to know what it is first exactly.

The Benefits Of Yogurt (1)

1. What is yogurt?

Yogurt is actually a form of curdled milk that taste a lot like sour cream. Live cultures are added to the yogurt. These are also known as probiotic or good bacteria and they give yogurt its special properties. What these live cultures do is ferment and transform the milk sugar in the curd into lactic acid turning it into the beneficial superfood that people around the world love to eat.

2. Benefits of yogurt

Milk is healthy. It is actually a food that can sustain life. Unfortunately, not everyone can drink milk or eat food with milk. This is because milk contains substances that are hard to digest for some people. There are also people who are known to be allergic to milk. Yogurt contains all of the benefits of milk minus the disadvantages. For one, it is much easier to digest than regular milk. Another benefit of yogurt is that it increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients particularity calcium and B vitamins. This means that it makes it easier for the body get the benefits of these nutrients.

3. Good bacteria

ieww98hf348sdgrg44But the real power of yogurt lies in its probiotic contents. Also known as good bacteria, probiotic can boost the immune system. It can also help women suffering from yeast infection. Experts are only starting to understand good bacteria and its many benefits but many agree that it is essential for healthy living.


4. Best way to drink a yogurt

You can eat yogurt by itself or you can make it more exciting by adding in fruits, nuts, honey and other food that you think would go well with yogurt. You can also use yogurt for cooking. Healthy banana bread with yogurt is just one of the recipes you can make with yogurt. Do you know that yogurt is also being used as a skin care product? It is not unusual to see soaps, shampoos and other personal care products with yogurt in them. So the next time you will buy or eat yogurt you will know that you are doing your body good.…