Food Nutrients That Help Relieve Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a health condition that affects adult males that undermines sexual performance and enjoyment. Fortunately, this condition is curable by proper medication as posted in Erectile problems are often due to not getting a fantastic blood flow to the penis, so foods beneficial to your vascular system might also help stop ED. While no wonder food can eliminate erectile dysfunction, there’s some evidence that specific foods rich in nutrients might help, however.


dark chocolateA recent study in the journal Circulation found that flavonoids in dark chocolate improve circulation. It could be right for erection problems due to insufficient circulation. Flavonoids are naturally-occurring antioxidants that protect plants from toxins and help repair cell damage. Studies suggest that probiotics and other antioxidants have similar effects in humans.

They can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, all factors that cause erectile dysfunction.


spinachLeafy green vegetables, such as celery and spinach, are good sources of nitrates that promote blood flow to muscles, including the penis. Beet juice is also proven to be high in nitrates. Many years before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug for erectile dysfunction in 1998, several case reports were published on the effects of nitrates on erectile dysfunction.

Today’s ED drugs are based on the relaxing effects of nitrates on the blood vessels that supply the penis.


Several studies have shown that antioxidant fruits like watermelon may have a similar effect on erectile dysfunction like Viagra and may increase sexual desire. Watermelon is full of valuable components known as phytonutrients, which are a type of antioxidant. One of the benefits is that they relax the blood vessels that make erection possible. Although watermelon is 92% water, the other 8% can do wonders for your heart and sexual pleasure.