Facts About Ostomy Bags Athletes Need to Know

colostomy bag

Some people have undergone colon surgery and aware of the risks. One of the dangers is they need to wear an ostomy bag. It is one of the very debilitating ideas that will irritate the patients after colon surgery. It could happen to athletes also. The doctor will suggest them to use an active ostomy support belt. Therefore, it can help them in doing their activities comfortably.

People might find some obstacles to adapt to the new thing in their life after the operation. It does not matter if the colostomy is temporary or permanent. Feelings and thoughts like these are common because most people aren’t familiar with it and are shocked. However, if they can understand the functions, they will be pleased to get through it.

ostomy bag

Fundamental Knowledge of Ostomy Bag

Many colostomy patients find that they develop a strong will and quiet acceptance after the first short-term emergency. Positive thoughts begin to emerge. It can stimulate a feeling of self-confidence and improve a lot.

A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which a part of the colon is removed through an opening fixed hole in the abdominal wall. Since space is located on the outside, an ostomy bag must be connected to the stoma, as a separate group of human excrement comes out, often abruptly. In other words, colostomy bags are designed to collect waste that, under normal conditions, passes through the colon to the anus and the rectal opening to the toilet and is discharged.

Together with the bag, the waste that accumulates in it is emptied at intervals or replaced entirely. It depends on the type of bag you are using. It is no more challenging to live with a colostomy than with all the current technological advances in introducing stoma devices. These are easy to use and save, which have allowed modern stoma devices to be very discreet, safe, and above all.

Ostomy Bag Types

There are two different types of this bag, which are stick-on shapes and strap-on types. The strap-on types are usually called a support belt. Most of us have several options in terms of preferences.

Stick-on type is the modern, preferred form and is virtually uncomplicated. With this type, you want to thread it thoroughly to make sure it is completely sealed. There should be no air pockets that can expand and promote leakage. It may seem not very easy to adjust, but it won’t be once you get used to it.

Steps in Changing Ostomy Bag

You will almost be gagged for the first week, so you will start changing your ostomy bag yourself because of the strong smell that hits you. However, some measures must be taken to ensure proper care, cleaning, fixing, and adaptation. Remember that the stoma has no pain sensors; you won’t know until you notice a bleed.

The stickers contain a model in the package. Find the hole that matches your stoma and use it to reduce the stoma’s size on the darkened front panel. You need to ensure it is not too cut because it can cause bruising by pinching the stoma’s edges. If necessary, use only a little stoma sticker around the edge of the cut hole.

Ensure that the bag is empty while you are going to change it. If you suspect an itchy feeling in the special face mask, do not be tempted to take the bag off and scratch. The best way to make this easier is to use your fear and gently rub the itchy area. Do not irritate your stomach because it will bleed.

In conclusion, it is also excellent to understand that a colostomy is very common for millions of people worldwide who use an ostomy bag. People still need to go to school, work, or hangout, although wearing an ostomy bag. It could be why you need to choose the most comfortable pack for you, so it should not interfere with your regular habits. Besides, there are no hard and fast dietary guidelines. If you intend to follow a nutritional program, you should pay attention to proper stoma care while keeping the difference clean. Therefore, you can do your activities comfortably.